YVES CARBONNIER, discovers card magic at the age of 17, when he met Bernard Billis. Since this meeting, he has an original card magic that has developed in contact with Giobbi, Tamariz, Sanvert, Faré, Bébel or Williamson.
Yves Carbonnier has recorded two DVDs to present his work to the magical community. The first DVD is recorded at the Museum of Magic in Paris, in real conditions with a real audience. He explains his particular routine “Melchizedek.” The second is more technical, more focused on his research work. In this DVD, he explains in detail a new multiple control and its many applications.

Convinced that the transmission of knowledge is essential for the future of our art, he created the school of magic, at Museum of Magic in Paris. Yves also does what he calls “Talks”, preferring to reserve the term “Lecture” for magicians that he considers great masters: Roberto Giobbi and Juan Tamariz.