WOLF WALDBAUER has been a professional magician since 1986, with a multidisciplinary background and a vast experience in the Art of Magic.

Wolf delights your guests with original and visual magic.

He never fails to amaze and entertain them, because his show can be adapted for any kind of audience and any type of situation.

But there is more: Wolf is one of the rare entertainers specialized in mentalism, a particularly fascinating branch of magic that captivates the interest of the most sophisticated audiences.

Wolf’s original magic and extraordinary mental feats, combined with the fact that he speaks four languages fluently, gained him a reputation as one of the leading entertainers in the magical entertainment business.

Creator of many magic effects and author of three books on the subject, Wolf is constantly invited to present his lectures to American and European magic clubs.

Here is a short but by no means exhaustive list of satisfied customers: Mercedes-Benz, Sony, IBM, Apple Computer, Bosch, Esselte, Sammontana, Dow International, Kuoni, Daikin, Kartell, Rosenthal, Siemens, LGElectronics, Fiamm-Kone, Italtel, Moulinex, Mattel, Philips, Plasmon, Vailant, Casinò de Montecarlo..