TONY MONTANA, studied in the National Acting School in Argentina (1990), and He started to practice magic in 1992. In 2005 He started to think in a competition rutine, and He presented it in Abanao Terme convention in 2007 and won the third prize. Then in the 2009 He competed in Beijing FISM wining the third prize in Mental Magic. And from that point He was appointed member in the 4F (The Original Clouse-up Convention) as a member. Then He started to work in many places doing my lecture, USA ( Magic Castle), Spain (National Convention of Madrid), Canada and all Latin America (FLASOMA Guatemala).

Some Prizes he won:

2007 – 3rd Prize in Abano Terme Convention (Mental Magic)
2009 – 3rd Prize FISM Beijing (Mental Magic)
2010 – Magic Award as The Most Important Mentalist of Argentina