is together with Pepe Carrol, the only Spanish magician who’s received the Card Magic World Award twice. One of them in the 1973 FISM Congress in Paris, which has become a great symbol of our magic (magicians such as Camilo and Juan Tamariz got an award too and this influenced considerably the contemporary magic worldwide).
Toni Cachadiña graciously mixes his personality with his skills as a magician. With energy and power, but at the same time simply and smoothly, his performances are neat and elegant.
Toni’s continuous creativity comes from intensive practice and investigation. Before presenting a new trick, he analyses the best version of it, which he studies and details until he achieves what he thinks is the best. Despite the time he dedicates to practice and improve his technique, Tony Cachadiña has also put his efforts on developing the magic circles and its activities. For instance as President of the S.E.I (Spanish Society of Ilusionism) for 6 years, member of the Magic School of Madrid and Director of the magazine Ilusionismo. His father, an opera singer thought Tony could be the only one to follow his “artistic” steps and supported him since he was a child and got him his first magic book, a “Boscar”. Soon after that, he met the S.E.I but had to wait to become a member due to his age (he was too young!). Once in, he was so enthusiastic that he got soon the attention of Pablo Domenech (the teacher) and the S.E.I itself where he was know for his magic on stage and his routines with balls, cigarettes and thimbles. Since then, Tony Cachadiña is active and proactive in magic and keen on learning every day.