Tom is known among cardmen for his highly deceptive approach to card magic. His magic is simple and deeply fooling. With his debut Impressions at the Card Table (click the link to see the trailer) he revealed himself to the public for the first time.


“Tom Rose has the chops and charm to disarm you before he destroys you!” Ryan Schlutz

“You want a lesson in what card magic should look like…This is it!” Alan Rorrison

“Oh man this is awesome! Seriously this kid is sick!” Justin Miller

“Wow, where has Tom come from? He reminds me of when I first saw Joe Barry or Ben Earl. Watch this guy!” Ben Williams

β€œ(…) Tom handles cards like a dream and it’s a joy to watch him weave his spells. (…)β€œ John Carey

β€œ(…) Tom was sitting at a table executing some of the most deceptive, beautiful card magic and gambling sleights I have ever seen. His handling of the cards is truly masterful and the construction of his effects is perfect. Trust me Tom will soon be known as a master in his field!” Peter Nardi

“Tom’s magic looks effortless and elegant. He is natural, engaging and fooling! You won’t suspect any fishy sleight of hand. In one word: TALENTED!” Think Nguyen

“(…) Very highly recommend for fans of card table artifice and subterfuge.” Mark Elsdon