SHANE COBALT, one of Toronto’s finest underground magicians, has become one of the most prolific creators of online magic content in North America, heading up the blog

He’s been heralded by the likes of Jim Steinmeyer, the Buck Twins, Eric Anderson and Chris Kenner. He was a speaker at Magic-Con 2, Shane has been circling the underground with his handlings of some of the most difficult moves in magic.

Most known for his work with the SWE Shift, Zarrow Shuffle and the Diagonal Palm Shift. Shane keeps a VERY tight leash on his material, rarely performing tricks or routines for magicians, but stopping at nothing to find elegant solutions.

Some of his best kept secrets, including his underground solution to the legendary 51 Faces North, are practical, impractical, and some just drop dead easy. If that doesn’t excite you, wait until you see the methods to some of these tricks.

Methods that will make you grin with diabolical delight, and introduce you to a wonderful new way to approach your magic.


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