MIGUEL ÁNGEL GEA is one of Spain’s most talented close up performers. He has been a professional magician since 1994 and also teaches magic at the School of Ana Tamariz. He is one third of The Fat Brothers, a trio of Spanish magicians whose DVDs have astounded fellow cardicians with their unique approach to magic.

He is the winner of numerous awards for magic including First place for close up magic in the Latin American Congress “Flasoma” 1998. Magician of the Year Award Ascanio of Madrid 2000. First place for close-up magic at the national congress in Granada 2001. Grand Prix Special at the national congress in Zaragoza in 2004. “Vanni Bossi CMSG” Close-up Magic Symposium (2012).

He is a contributor to several magazines and authored a book on the magic of Joaquin Navajas in 2000. He is the co-author of The Magic of the 20th Century in Spain, 2003.

Miguel has studied clowning skills with noted director Gabriel Chamé and applied his theatrical skills and expertise in a number of projects in which magic is featured. These include collaboration in 2000 in which magicians and musicians recreate Celtic culture, Instante, a show in which two wizards play with time, Magic for the Deaf a 2004 production and Magia Audiovisual in 2005 which mixed cinema, live music and magic.

Website http://www.miguelangelgea.com/

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