MAX BARILE,  is interested in conjuring since the age of eleven. Is was started in illusion world by the television performances of Silvan following regularly.

Max begins with classical magic but grows up to become a “magical entertainer” inspired by important figures: Tony Binarelli before and also Billy McComb, Alan Saxon, Ted Lesley. At twenty-three years old gets her first television contract with a major local television where predicts the title of a well-known national newspaper .
Later, and in the coming years Max participates in several programs on national networks as a magician or as comico. Max is a creative, reinvents the classic effects or imagines and creates new ones so much that he won twice the contest “New Authors” organized by beautiful magazine “Qui Magia”.
Max holds lectures at the Italian clubs magical and writes numerous articles for both, the audience and for magicians. He published the novel “Kappadicuori.” It works both on the stage of great events, that in the close-up of the private party. Max likes cards, ropes and even common objects and banknotes. Max is currently the Vice President of IBM Ring 377. Max thinks that magic is to bring the amazement in people’s live.