Jean Emmanuel Franzis began magic at the age of twelve. His first love was coin magic on stage.

In 1986 he won a prize as junior at the Brussels IBM Convention. Then life went on but magic was still in his life. In 2004 the meeting with Reed Mcclintock was a revelation and he focused his work on Coin Magic. He won awards at the FFAP in close up in 2008 and in 2009 at the Blackpool convention with a coin act in close up. The same year he was invented at the 4F convention in Batavia, thanks to the sponsorship of Giacomo Bertini. He performed lectures in USA and Europe.

In 2009 he produced one DVD on Coin Magic “Le Souffle d’Eole”

A friendship was developed with Giacomo Bertini, end at the invitation of Giacomo Bertini, was in the staff of the organization of the first European Coin Magic Symposium. One of his routines was included in the first Coin-magic Symposium DVD

After the invitation at the 4F convention, he went at the New York Coin Magic Seminar and four of his routines were put in the DVD by M Rubinstein, David Roth and Mike Gallo.