first became interested in magic at the age of 11 after a gift of a Gilbert Magic set.

At 16, he purchased J. B. Bobo’s MODERN COIN MAGIC and thus began a career which changed the world of coin magic. From the time he first became known to the most magicians in the early ‘70s he has rapidly achieved the status of a world master in the field of coin magic winning the Magic Castle’s “Visiting Magician of the Year” award in 1974 and the “Close Up Magician of the Year” in 1977.

His book EXPERT COIN MAGIC written by Richard Kaufman is hailed as a modern classic and successor to Bobo’s ground breaking book of the ‘50’s. Hailed by no less than Dai Vernon as a genius and master of coin magic,David Roth is known worldwide as it’s greatest practitioner and has been coin magic’s undisputed champion for over the last 30 years.

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