DANI DAORTIZ is synonymous, in magic, of improvisation and jazz.

His magic is fresh, direct, funny and very, very powerful. He is one of the most successful magicians that, in recent years, Spain has Given the world. Dani DaOrtiz was born in Estepona – on the Costa del Sol (South of Spain). At 4 years of age he had his first contact with the magical Art thanks to a box of tricks given to him by his father ( a fisherman that died when Dani was just eight years old), one of his earliest memories of magic was seeing a television show featuring Juan Tamariz. When he was 12, he visited the magic circle in Seville (143 miles away from his home) and experienced the magic of Mario the Magician who would later become his mentor. At age 1 3 he began making appearances on local television, and when he was 19 years old, his skills was discovered by Juan Escolano.
Now he is one of the references at Card Magic, a real living legend, and his name is associate with first class artists such as : Mago Migue, Juan Tamariz, and Lennart Green. He edits a magazine called El Manuscrito. He has authored several books on magic. In 2008 with his friends Christian Engblom and Miguel Angel Gea released a DVD “Fat Brothers, recorded on a tour of the U.S.A. Really important was his contribution at the Essential Magic Conference (the world’s first digital conference for magic and magicians at the Estudio33 in Portugal by Luis de Matos Productions).

Award: “Fred Kaps CMS” European Close-up Magic Symposium (2012).