Camilo Vazquez Alemán was born in Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña).

One of the founders of the Madrid’d Magic School (EMM). Throughout his long magician’s life Camilo has known the best magicians in the world, some as part of the History of magic. Camilo is one of the most successful spanish magicians: among many other awards, he was the First Prize of the French National Championship in Card magic in 1972, and also won several Spanish national awards in card magic (1971 Zaragoza, San Sebastian 1972), and also Close-up Magic First Prize in Paris World by the FISM in 1973 and earned Ascanio’s Prize in 1981.
But the prizes are not the most notable aspect of Camilo Vazquez. But his magic and his way of thinking about it surely are so. Anyone who has been fortunate to share a moment with him will confirm that Camilo is a source of wisdom and advice. An impromptu conversation in a corner can quickly turn into a great lecture about magic and magicians.