BÉBEL, Letter to my friends:

“I have fifty-two friends: however, the most important is not what they are but what they mean to me.
Made of paper, they are fragile and loyal, I find them in every deck.
 I know them by heart, no matter what the deck is, no matter whose deck it is, mine or yours, my friends are always there.
 I have tried to uncover their secret, stroking them, turning them over, shuffling them, manhandling them, kissing them and even tearing them… well… not that much… though they don’t bear me a grudge, they are still there, unfailing friends.
I have lost some of them and found others. If some are missing, I just have to change the deck and here they are again!

For these last years of silent complicity, they have been speaking to me, yet I have a feeling that they have not told me everything… but even if they had, there would be still something to say.
Thank you my friends for, so to speak, you have taken me by the hands, kindly, and led me towards people to show me that they weren’t so terrible.
You have allowed me to share you with them, to lend you to them.
Thanks to you, I have earned my living. And the most unexpected of all is, as I tried to get acquainted to you, I have found who I am.

Thank you so much, my dear friends.”     Bébel

Bébel was  the “Guest of Honor 2013” of the European Close-up Magic Symposium, 2nd edition.

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