Aurelio Paviato

Although already being a well known magician, Aurelio’s career boosted in 1982 when he won the FISM Close Up championship in Losanna with an astonishing coin routine. From that moment on, Italian televisions started to invite him to prestigious shows such as “Buona Domenica” and “Maurizio Costanzo Show”. This gave him a national notoriety among laymen and the chance to be a full time performer.


He is one of the few Italians accepted by the prestigious Escuela Magica de Madrid (EMM) that recognized him as a real expert not only in the field of coin magic but also as a cardician, a researcher, historian and wonderful performer of the classics of magic.


Born in 1958 in Vigevano, a northern city of Italy, when he was 15 he started his quest for books and schools that could lead him into the secrets of the “art of illusions”. He finally managed to buy a book titled “Manuale completo dei giochi di prestigio” that later on he will find to be the underground version of a milestone in magic: “The Fine Art of Magic” by Gerorge Kaplan, student of a student of Dai Vernon, “The Professor” of Close Up Magic.


Aurelio’s passion for the Close Up lead him to become the first (and sole at present time – 2018) Italian FISM World Champion in this discipline. But Aurelio soon become passionate for Magic in general and this passion finally took him to develop a stage show (“Storie di un Artigiano di Illusioni”) that he can perform in several languages. In this show we can recognize Aurelio’s interest for the classics of illusionism but also for philosophy, rhetoric and psychology, together with a deep love for the history of magic.