Antony Gerard

When you think of Antony Gerard you cannot help thinking of his tremendous classical force technique. He is able to force the same card ten times in a row to any professional magician even asking him to try not taking it. He is also a master of Coin Magic and a very spiritual man. His ability to feel at command whatever feeling he desires is really impressive. Just ask him to start crying and in a second you will see teardrops falling from his eyes!


As president of the IBM ring 333, Antony Gerard has organized many magic conventions. For his profound knowledge of the Close Up Magic he is also a consultant for the famous FFFF in Batavia and for the European Close-up Magic Symposium in Milan. In fact his knowledge and expertise in the field of Magic continues to give huge contributes to the development of our art.


Antony Gerard started his career in the Netherlands,  in 1957, when he was 4. Shortly after he left his country with his family to live in the USA where he still reside. Since 1974 he has appeared in several TV shows, alongside other magical stars, such as Siegfried and Roy, Paul Harris, and
many more.