Antonio Zuccaro

Born in Naples on June 21st 1987, when he turned eight his brother showed him a card trick. This episode gave birth to his passion for magic and sleight of hand. When Antonio was eighteen, he decided to specialize in the craft of card magic and gambling demonstrations, studying and practicing every day.


In 2011 Vanishing Inc. Magic published “Finding The Center“, Antonio’s first booklet featuring the explanation of his approach to center deal, a legendary card cheating technique which allows the dealer to draw cards from the middle of the deck. “Finding The Center” got good reviews both from “Magic – The magazine for magicians” and “Magia – La rivista italiana di cultura magica” and was praised by many of today’s top magicians from all over the world.


“Congratulations on developing an excellent move for gambling demonstrations.” —Darwin Ortiz


“Great!” —Roberto Giobbi


“If you want to learn the center deal – and who doesn’t? – you have to get Finding the Center.” —Denis Behr


“I’ve come to the conclusion that Zuccaro’s method is the best and most practical of all the methods in existence. My condolences to Mr. Allen Kennedy, Fred Robinson and Andrew Wimhurst.” —Jack Carpenter


“Your execution of the center deal is outstanding. I really admire your tenacity to come up with a method which is not only a great solution but authentic in relation to how the deal should look in a gambling demonstration. —Michael Vincent