ALDO GHIURMINO, Born in Savona in 1963, his father was from Syracuse (South Italy)and his mother from Brescia (North Italy), now he lives, with his wife Antonella, in the Centre ofItaly (Marche).

Always fond of the art of magic, he joined the Italian Magic Club (CMI) in 1989, and in 2006 he was awarded the “Garatti Award” far the best contribution to the magazine Magia Moderna.

He is involved with the most important magic conventions in ltaly, translating on stage, creating newsletters, lecturing, competing or being a member of the jury in the contests.

He is a translator and is involved in the European Close-up Magic Symposium (ECUMS) since its first edition in 2010.

From 2008 to 2013, he broadcast with some close friends the section of the Web TV of the Masters of Magic Convention.
He was a speaker in the European Magic History Conference 2017 in Torino

He writes for various magazines and websites, both Italian and international ,through his work of research or translation. He translated two books in Italian (Pit Hartling’s Card Fictions and Roberto Giobbi’s The Art of Switching Decks)and is the author of two books: Fism, the Book and Moroso e Dh6tel- una storia di amicizia e di magia (Moroso and Dhòtel-a history of friendship and magic).

Since 2014 he is the historian and archivist of CMI (Club Magico Italiano).

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