Akira Fujii

Akira Fujii is a professional magician who has appeared many times on Japanese television. He was partly responsible for the magic boom that swept Japan a few years ago, a period during which magicians could be seen on television every day.

He is famous among fellow magicians and among laymen  for his amazing technique with coins, cards and for his signature effect: the Linking Cigarettes. Card workers also know Akira for his perfect execution of the pass, which he perfected using steel plates in lieu of cards. Coin workers instead know Akira for mastering some difficult sleights as the classic pass, the cover pass, the diagonal palm shift and, among the others, for knowing many variations on the theme of the coins across.


Published material of Akira Fujii available outside of Japan includes Coins Akiras (DVD), Card Magic Encyclopedia (DVD), Linking Cigarette (DVD) and P.S.P – Plates for Speed up of Pass.